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Vector YOU! -
Vector Vengers commissions available

We are going to experiment with offering commissions in the Vector Vengers style!


What is offered:

Single character images, full body, color, drawn vector style in Adobe Illustrator.

You will receive a high resolution PNG file, 2500 x 2500 pixels.

Flat color background. 


Introductory pricing: $100 - (paid in full to begin commission)

Add-ons for extra cost and guidelines:

• There will be pre-created background options you can select from. - $20 

• Character or other name added: $5

• Prints not currently available, but a print-ready PDF can be made and sent to you. - $10

• Group shots not currently available, but feel free to ask if you have questions there.

• These are to be existing characters or creations of your own that you already have or have had visually designed. Character design is a different commission and different cost (unavailable for now). *(Helpful tip: I will be continuing drawing characters in this series chronologically, so if it's an Avengers from the 90s, I will likely get to them on my own).

• Character can also be a Vector YOUed version of yourself, family member or a close friend.

No nudity/porn/fetish stuff/intentionally degrading requests - no judging for your interests, just not something available in this commission series.

• Turnaround time is 3 to 8 weeks, dependent on my other work schedule. Most will be in the 3 week period. If you need something faster, ask about that, but rush jobs require an added charge.

• Guidelines and pricing may change in the future for logistical reasons, so feel free to ask for updated pricing. *COMPLEX CHARACTER REQUESTS may require an extra charge for time/effort.

• Edits and other requests are not guaranteed (unless a mistake is made). But always feel free to ask (nicely). Artistic license/interpretation is in play.

• Rude customers will get an 80% refund only. 20% kill/convenience fee. Please be respectful. Skippy the intern is very sensitive.

Background upgrades   +$20


How to get Vector YOUed:

To request a commission go the contact page ("say hello") and put "Vector YOU" in the subject line.


If your request is accepted, payment and any necessary reference materials need to be received prior to the commission being added to the schedule. 


We will see how this works, may make adjustments to the process to make things smoother later. 


Be the envy of your dorkiest friends and act now!

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