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What the HECK is this?

Every Avenger Ever - drawn in vector using Adobe Illustrator, by Wolfe Hanson.

These guys are in order of appearance from Marvel Comic's classic AVENGERS comic (and related titles) which started in 1963.

Why? Who knows. Check out more from Wolfe here:

Enjoy the weird, folks!

What the HECK is "Vector Art?"

Vector art is points on a mathematically plotted plane connected by paths to create shapes and polygons.


Basically, “drawing with math.”


Yeah, super nerdy. Hey…you asked.


All Vector Vengers arts are created using Adobe Illustrator.

How the HECK can I support this project?

Please consider donating to the Vector Vengers project by tipping on Kofi using the link below:

Keep an eye out for a Patreon link in the near future!

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